Huisartsen en fysiotherapiepraktijk De Grote Rivieren – Huisartsenpraktijk De Grote Rivieren – Amsterdam
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Huisartsenpraktijk De Grote Rivieren
Maasstraat 167 1079BG

Huisartsen en fysiotherapiepraktijk De Grote Rivieren


On this site you can find information about our practice. Press the button ‘ABOUT US’ for practical information.

In our building is a partnership established of two general practices and a physiotherapy practice. With an enthusiastic team, we strive to provide good care for people in the neighbourhood. Quality, accesibility, involvement, attention and time, multicultural care, together and relaxed are a few words that fit our vision.

If you are registered with us as a patient, it is possible to create an account in the patient area, after which an e-consultation, e-prescription (and soon an e-appointment) can be made. If you are not yet a patient with us and you want to register, we ask you to contact us by phone first.